Home Visits

During a home visit, all areas of daily life are explored with the individual. This can includes how they get into and out of their home, to and from local shops/amenities, work and leisure activities through to how they manage activities like washing and dressing, cooking, cleaning and those activities that are important to them.

Following a home visit, which includes observing someone moving around their home, recommendations are often made for equipment and or technology that makes life and tasks easier to accomplish. For example if someone is observed to have difficulty getting up from a low height chair, raisers may be recommended for that chair. Equipment and adaptations recommended range from small devices like jar openers through to stair lifts and wet room shower conversions.

Occupational therapists also work in conjunction with Architects and Builders working on large extensions and new builds which take into account an individual’s specific environmental needs. Often this can include incorporating environmental control technology to support the individual to complete tasks that are important to them.

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