Worksite Assessment

As part of the return to work process an on-site assessment of the job will be undertaken firstly without the client (employee), to meet with their employer and gain an understanding of the employers thoughts and to look at the working environment and review the job role. This allows the therapist to gain an understanding of the skills and abilities required for the job role and any barriers within the workplace environment preventing the client returning to that position.

Following a worksite Assessment the therapist will usually accompany the employee to the work place to review which work tasks they can perform and what adjustment if any will be required to the environment to facilitate their return to work. This may include functional capacity, workstation and manual handling assessment.

Return to Work Plan

The therapist draws up a detailed plan with time scales, actions and responsibilities and gains agreement from all parties involved in the employee’s rehabilitation. It is reviewed at agreed intervals and is for a finite agreed period of time to facilitate the smooth transition of the employee back to the workplace.

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